MyGlam vs Birchbox - June 2012 Edition +Birchbox Product Review

As promised, here is my product review for the Birchbox after getting the chance to really test ou the products.
Hope you enjoy! 

MyGlam vs Birchbox - June 2012 Edition

+Birchbox Product Review


MyGlam versus Birchbox for June 2012

Between the two, I prefer MyGlam. Although the Birchbox products are all higher brand products, the selection was not appealing to me. MyGlam typically has 1-2 deluxe items, and the rest tend to be cheaper, but the 1-2 items have been worth the $10.

June 2012 Birch Box Review

Overall, I was very disappointed in the Birchbox for this month. I expected more makeup related items, or at least larger sample sizes. I did cancel my subscription the day after, but reinstated it to give it another chance. I will cancel it for sure if next month is another disappointment.

tili Bags Small Collection

Cute zip-lock bag, but I think they are overpriced and not very useful. It's a nice idea, but not worth the money.

Georgie Beauty Winks by Georgie

Cute lashes, flexible, perfect length. No better than the Sonia Kashuk lashes that I adore though. The only thing worthy of the Birchbox.

theBalm cosmetics Stainiac

Works well as a lip stain, but it's a bit too red for my preference. I wouldn't wear it alone, and so it's not something I would re-purchase. 

LA FRESH Eco-Beauty Oil-Free Face Cleanser

This works better than makeup remover wipes because they don't leave a residue after use like other wipes, but it isn't better than a face cleanser. For those who travel and require a quick face clense and don't have the option to wash their face, this would be a great product, but if you don't have that unique need, it's not great.

How to Sign Up?

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