Routine Makeup How-To

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This morning, I recorded myself as I was doing my normal, everyday makeup routine for work. I really wanted to film my routine after sharing my blog post on my makeup must-haves. Unfortunately, the lighting was poor in my bathroom, so when I got home after work, and the rain had just stopped, I moved my makeup chair towards the window and refilmed. Much better!

I will say though, I also tried to record my flat iron curls... fail!  The video didn't come out quite right. Crazy part, half of it had fallen by the time I filmed this how-to; you can see that my hair is flat on one side. lol.

Anyway, I am calling this a how-to versus a tutorial since I'm not teaching you anything, I'm just showing you how I do my daily makeup. Hope this is useful or inspiring. Maybe if you weren't sure about how I use my products, you'll at least see how I use it, even if it may not be correct. ;)

  Items Used in this Video:

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