Beach Day - Saran Wrap Marble Toes

Hi All!

Yesterday, I had a wonderful day at the beach for the 4th with some fantastic friends and had just redone my toe nails and wanted to share. I had seen this cool saran wrap technique for another nail blogger, Nailed It, and had to try. If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably already seen them, but this is the non-Instagram version of the picutre.

After I uploaded this, I realized the angle at which I took this picture was not the best. Makes me toes look stubby. Lol. My toes are actually weirdly long, so this is definitely not a good representation.

Either way, this was done with the two Julep polishes I got in my Julep Maven intro box.

1st coat

Julep in Robin

2nd coat

Julep in Rose
To create the marble, I took crumpled up pieces of saran wrap and 'removed' small chunks of the still wet Julep Rose polish from the nail, leaving a nice little simple marble.

I do plan on doing a tutorial on this marble for my hands, as well as another stamp tutorial.

On another note, LOVE the Julep nail polishes. One coat is completely opaque and goes on really smooth! Definitely signing up for Julep Maven subscription. July's box comes with 3 polishes and a lip gloss, or 4 polishes, depending on which box you choose.

Thanks for reading!

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