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Immediately after receiving my MyGlam bag and making my video, I immediately started using the products. I also plan on doing the JulyGlamBag Challenge for this month, which gives the lucky winner full sized products. So, keep your eyes out for that!

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July 2012 MyGlam

 July MyGlam Makeup Bag

I really like the makeup bag this month. I think it is really cute, and much better quality than the bags in the past. The only concern is that the zipper is a little weak, so don't tug too hard. You might break it.

Juice Beauty Green Apple SPF 15 Moisturizer

First, this moisturizer does NOT smell like green apple. I love the smell of green apple, but this smells like ginger, and if you read my review on the Birchbox, you know I don't like ginger. Bleh.

Second, it is very thick. It does not spread well. The first time I used it, I didn't know this fact, so my skin ended up getting really red from trying to spread this stuff out, from rubbing my cheeks raw. :(

Otherwise, it sits ok under makeup, once you manage to apply it properly, but I felt like I had to use a ton in order to get it all over my face. I definitely would NOT recommend this product.

NuMe HydroPunch Hydrating Conditioner

I have never used NuMe before, so I really didn't have an opinion going into this. I was neither excited or disappointed. Now that I've tried the product.... I'm disappointed.

This product smells like medicated cream, like the stuff I used to use when I had bad eczema. I get it, when I had eczema, I had to just deal with the smell, but this is my hair. I shouldn't have to smell that every time I flip my hair.

I used it this morning, and honestly, I feel like my hair is dry compared to how it is with my regular conditioner. So, with dry hair and medicated cream scent, I put some of the hair oil that I got from Birchbox. Smells much better and much more hydrated now, but definitely would NOT recommend this conditioner.

Yes To Cucumbers On-The-Go Facial Towelettes

I love makeup remover towelettes. I use Neutrogena right now, but I'm thinking of switching after trying this out. Not only does it have a nice clean scent, but it doesn't leave behind any residue or smells. It's very nice! I really like this. Also, it is a large sample size, with plenty of wipes to try!

Buxum Big & Healthy Lip Polish in Leslie

This is my favorite item in the bag. I love Buxum lip gloss. I have a few minis that I got from Sephora, and this is amazing! Leslie is a pink shade with peach shimmers in it, so it comes off a bit more peach than pink, but it is quite pretty and again, I love Buxum, so I already knew I'd like this!

Circus by Andrea's Choice in Sommersault

This is my next favorite. Any free polish is going to be at the top of my list. It is very opaque and very vibrant. I've seen so many swatches and reviews on yellow polish and many of them are sheer and require multiple coats, but this is opaque right off the back! LOVE THAT! Can't wait till the rest of her line goes on sale!


Overall, I like this bag. The bag, wipes, lip gloss and nail polish were worth more than the $10 this entire thing cost. I was really impressed with this bag. This is now my 3rd month and I am very impressed. Love it!
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