Pink & Glitter Striping Tape Nail Design + July JulepMaven Review

Welcome back!

So I finally got the chance to test out the Julep polishes I received in my latest July Box. My original nail design was using Lynn and Yumi, but Lynn turned out to be to closely similar to my skin color, so I decided to retire the polish. 

The nail design used below was done using Julep Yumi and China Glaze Princess Grace with a pink/magenta striping tape. I had filmed this using our new camcorder, but apparently, I didn't know what I was doing. I've now readjusted the camcorder, but too late for this design. So for this, I only have pictures, no video.

This was first time using striping tape. Was much harder than it looks. I'll need to practice a bit more. I have no idea how those other nail artists make it look so perfect.

Pink & Glitter with Striping Tape


As far as the items that came in my box, overall, I am very pleased. I love both of the glitter polishes. In fact, the America polish has mini stars in the polish, which was quite a happy surprise. And as you can see above, Yumi is a very pretty light pink glitter. 

As for Lynn.... as you read above, it is not good for me. It matches my skin color too closely and just makes my nails look dirty. Unfortunate for me, but I imagine it's really cute on others. I did notice that Lynn is much more sheer than the other colors I have, and requires two coats. The other Julep polishes I have only require one coat. Something to consider. 

As for the Peony Lip Gloss.... I LOVE IT! The brush is fantastic and the color is perfect. Love bubble gum pink colors, and this goes on very light pink! Adore it!

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