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Recently, I have been wearing eye shadow to work, which is not normal. I usually don't wear eye shadow to work; not that I don't like wearing eyeshadow or anything, but mostly because I run out of time.

Since this doesn't happen often, maybe a few times a month, I wanted to film it for you. This is the first time I've filmed an eye look, so I apologize if I am moving around a lot. I had set up my mirror to sit underneath the lense, slightly to the side, so I am looking back and forth between the mirror and camera screen. I'm still not sure how to film something like this. I tried watching other videos, to get an idea, but there were so many different ways, I just did what worked with the space I had and the lighting I had. Hope it's not too bad.

Also, I'm back in the master bathroom, since we have a window in there, unlike the guest bathroom. I originally filmed in the guest bathroom, but the artificial light in there wasn't very good for such a close up shot like this.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or tips on how I could possibly do this better. I would greatly appreciate it!!

My Wear-to-Work Eye Look

Items Used In This Tutorial

Work Outfit of the Day - 08/02/2012

  • High-Low Tank Dress - Charlotte Russe
  • Brown Stretch Front-Clasp Belt - Warehouse 216 in Cocoa Village, FL
  • Nude & Pink Wedges - Charlotte Russe

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