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Hey everyone!

Last week kicked off preseason football, and Friday was the first game for the Miami Dolphins! My husband was born and raised in Miami, which is actually why we moved to Florida from Colorado. However, we don't live in Miami, we live in Viera, FL, which is 3-3.5 hours north.

I was raised all over the place and have been biased towards all teams California (specificaly LA Lakers and the 49ers), as I was born there, but I am now totally biased towards all things Miami (Heat, Marlins and the Dolphins). I am now a Dolphins fan, and honestly, I really want to get a Bush 22 jersey this year for the upcoming football season.

Anyway, as for the nail design, I was originally going to do a matte, two-color nail design using my August Julep Maven polishes, but the gold would not dry! I let it dry on it's own, and even tried a fast drying top coat, to no avail. Smudged and dinged on everything. After lots of frustration, my hubby said, "why don't you do a nail design for football season?"

Originally, I was only going to do the Dolphins but Tino suggested I do both teams to represent the first game. This was a bit hard for me as I don't usually film my right hand. I am right handed, so drawing with my left was a nightmare to do and film. Sorry about the ugly skull. It was supposed to represent the Buccaneers red flag with the skull. lol.

Hope you enjoy!!

Miami Dolphins vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Nail Design

Items Used in This Tutorial

All of the pictures were taken with artificial light.

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