No Mirror Makeup Challenge Tag

A few days ago, I was tagged by Cheryl Estacio on YouTube to do the No Mirror Makeup Challenge. I had originally seen it on AprilAthena7 and ItsJudyTime. I never thought I would do it myself, but then a few people had requested it, and then when I was tagged, I thought, 'why not?'

When I originally filmed it, I talked through the entire thing, but the video ended up being 19 minutes, and I couldn't make you guys watch through that craziness. So, if you're watching my 'fast forward' and it looks like I'm talking, I am. lol.

Hope you enjoyed! I thought I looked a crazy mess. It was better than I expected, but definitely not good enough to go out in public. It was definitely fun and interesting! I tag all of you do it too!!!

No Mirror Makeup Challenge Tag

Items I Used In The Video

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