♥Get Ready With Me | Going Out Collaboration with SeantaMarie♥

As many of you know, my birthday was this past Monday, the 24th! My hubby and I had already planned on going out to dinner and dancing with friends, and so I had always planned to film my going out look.

Then a week before, the awesome SeantaMarie contacted me, asking if I wanted to do a collab video! What better than do this going out video with her. After talking, we decided to do it, Get Ready With Me style. So glad we did, because there was way too much to do a tutorial.

However, if you want a broken down, step by step tutorial on anything from this video, let me know, and I can do it.

So... here we go! This was filmed a few days before and not on Saturday, the day of the actual party. However, the actual pictures were from the 22nd! Had such a blast. I was sweating up a storm at the end of the night though. lol

♥Get Ready With Me | Going Out Collaboration with SeantaMarie♥

Items Mentioned in the Video

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