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Wow, I feel like it's been forever since I've been on my own blog. I have been so busy, that getting time to sit down and type out my thoughts has been impossible. Even now, I feel like there are so many other things I should be doing than this.

BUT.... I promised to get this review out this weekend and this probably the only time I will get to do this.

Anywho... I have gotten to try out all of the products, and overall, I am pretty impressed. So, let's get into it.

Sample Society Product Review for September


CellCeuticals Extremely Gentle Skin Cleanser Deluxe

This cleanser is amazing! It is a clear, unscented gel cleanser.

It is very cleansing and EXTREMELY moisturizing. I actually used this against my Neutrogena Naturals cleanser and they both did a wonderful job at cleansing, but the Cell Ceuticals leaves this moisturizing feeling. At first, it felt like a film, as if I couldn't wash it off, but then I quickly realized that there was nothing there, just very soft skin.

There only down side is the consistency. It is a bit viscous, so it comes out of the tube really quickly, so make sure to use little pressure when pouring it out and at an angle, and not straight down, otherwise, you'll pour out way more than you need. A little goes a long way.

I don't know if I would repurchase this. It is very moisturizing, but I don't think that quality is worth the cost. If it could be used for acne prevention as well, then we'd be talking.

Borghese B Gloss, Fiore

This lip gloss is nothing to sing about, but it's not bad either. It's no better than anything I already have. It is a decent sized sample, the color is very opaque and really pretty. I actually wear this over my Revlon Lip Butter in Creme Brule, to add some color, as that lip stick is very nude.

I really like the color. The only thing is that it is very thick. The cool part though is that it is not sticky. Many thick glosses tend to be sticky, but this is not. I don't feel it glides on as well as other lip glosses, but once it's on, it's good to go.

Ahava Purifying Mud Mask

This mud mask is pretty awesome! At first, I didn't think it did anything. I definitely felt that it did a great job at cleansing. I noticed immediately that when I would wipe my face down with toner, it would come out clear, which rarely happens, even after I've thoroughly scrubbed and washed my face.

The thing that really pushed it over the edge is the reduction in black heads. I don't have very many blackheads, so it wasn't noticeable at first, but after the 2nd use, I noticed my face looked different, and I couldn't tell what it was. After the 3rd use, that's when I noticed, I had NO black heads. Honestly, I thought the mask did nothing, but it really is 'clearing' and really does clean your pores. Great product! I am actually considering buying the full size of this.

Diptyque Fragrance Sample

This scent is confusing. Lol. When you first spray this perfume, it is quite floral, and reminds me of an older generation. I actually didn't like it.

But after it had settled into my skin, and you could no longer see the wet drops of the perfume, it lightened up and turned into a very mild sweet scent, and I really really loved it. I have worn it quite a bit since I've gotten it.

I will say, however, that I would not repurchase this, mostly because of the cost. If it weren't so expensive, I would really enjoy this perfume.

Stila Cosmetics Smudge Crayon

I got this color in umber, and honestly, I'm not a fan of the color. However, if I ignore the color, the consistency and formula is awesome! I am actually planning on repurchasing this in a black and brown, and maybe other colors. It works well as a base, and it was small enough to use as an eyeliner.

However, I didn't wear this often as an eyeliner, because the shade was too close to my skin color and would almost make my eyes look as if they were irritated. I think in a different shade, it would look much better.

Overall Review

So that is it! I really enjoyed the products. Just from this one box, I am impressed and thankful I signed up. I have been watching Birchbox videos for the month of September and I don't regret cancelling it. Yes, they got a full sized nail polish, but I was not impressed with the colors, and everything else they got weren't very impressive, and small, as usual. Really, the nail polish was probably the only thing. It just proves how frustrating Birchbox was for me. They would give you 5-6 products, but I only liked or wanted 1-2 items, and the rest of the 3-4 products were junk. I didn't use it, didn't try it, and tossed out many of it. A lot of times, I only tried it for the purpose of reviewing it. Sad, I know.

Anyway, sorry about the rant. I have just been frustrated with that subscription. I hope you guys go and check out Sample Society. I am in no way getting anything out of promoting them, I just feel really good about this subscription and can't help but want to share my enthusiasm!

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