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First and foremost, this is my first and only Crave Box. I am not a Crave Box subscriber. I actually won this from a giveaway that LisaMia596 was having on YouTube.

She's been a subscriber for quite some time to Crave Box and they offered her the chance to give away 2 boxes. If you've already watched the video, you know I know NOTHING about Crave Box. lol.

Well, I've done some research and if you're intrested, please keep reading!

My First Crave Box

What's in My Crave Box?

What is Crave Box?

Crave box is a subscription service for $10/month. The boxes have different themes each month. Some months have limited edition boxes which can cost up to $15. From what I can tell, they claim to be monthly, but they are typically seasonal, and that they are only monthly if you opt into the limited edition boxes, as they have those each month between the seasonal boxes.

Unfortunately, their website isn't very explicit with the way their boxes are shipped, when you are charged or how frequently you receive a box. In many cases, the site almost sounds exclusive, similar to that of Influenster, where they have certain themed boxes, and they favor their limited supply to those who promote their brand (i.e. bloggers, Tweeters, YouTubers, etc).

How to Sign Up?

Right now, they are completely filled up, but you can still sign up and get on their waitlist.

If you're already a subscriber, please comment below and let me know what you think! I really want to get a better perspective on this box, seperate from what I've read on their site!

If you want to see more tutorials, hauls, reviews, have any suggestions or recommendations, please send me a message, send me a tweet, post on my Facebook or comment below! Thanks for watching!

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