✿MyGlam/Ipsy | September 2012 Review✿

This is probably the latest blog review I've ever done. I haven't had the time to try out the products and sit down and write this out. Worst part, the brush I got was broken, so I had to wait for Ipsy to send me a new one.

At this point, I would probably skip the review since it is so late, but I felt it was important as this is one of the first MyGlam bags that I really wasn't impressed with.

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September 2012 MyGlam/Ipsy Review


Circus Nail Polish in Tight Rope

This is the one of two things I actually enjoyed about this box. The only crazy part about this polish is that it almost takes on different shades in different light. In certain angles, it came off very hot pink. Also, this is a very very fast drying polish. Within 30 seconds, it was completely dry.

The one down side to this polish is that it is a bit streaky and it almost dries matte, and not in a nice way.

Jane Cosmetics Lip Gloss

Not a fan of this lip gloss. It has a great texture, and smells amazing, but again, it is NOT my color. It is too bright! This is the 3rd lip gloss I've received in a hot pink shade that just does not compliment me. I have retaken the quiz 3 times, and I keep getting the same shade.

Mirbella Eye Shadow

This eye shadow consistency is awesome, but the shade was a major flop. It makes me look tired and irritated. If it were a different color, I may have loved this. Also, it is meant to be placed into a holder, and I didn't really want to go and buy a holder for one item, when I have no intention on getting more of these shades.

SOHO Smudge Brush

So, the brush I originally received was broken, and so it took a while until I could test it. However, the new brush is a great blender!!! I don't know if I would replace my Crown brushes with this, but it's always nice to have more brushes. The more the merrier.

Carol's Daughter Monoi Repairing Split End Sealer

I don't know if this actually repairs split ends, but what I do know is that I was immediately regretful after applying this to my hair. It smelt like I rubbed tons of sunscreen in my hair. I did not feel my hair was any better. It just made my hair feel greasy and smell bad.

OVERALL, I was not impressed with this bag. The only items I really liked is the nail polish and the brush. The bag itself was cute, but not the best quality. It looks more like a clutch, but it's not very good quality, so I wouldn't recommend using it as a clutch.

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