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After realizing I couldn't film every day, I have decided to start blogging more often. I think I'm going to start sharing the random events of my day, so that I can keep up with you guys and so you can know what is going on with me. It'll be like my little journal... that you all can see.

As you know, I haven't had any time to film lately, and I have all of these ideas bubbling up in my head and it's so frustrating that I don't have time in the day to film :(

Unfortunately, I am at the mercy of the sunlight. With daylight savings time and the Winter days (more like nights) around the corner, I have almost none. The only time I'm home when natural light is available  is on the weekend, in the morning (if I'm running late to work), and on my every other Friday off, (which has been crazy busy lately).

Anywho, since I'm trapped in the house, without the ability to film, I have just been doing stuff around the house, to include spending quality time with our pugs. We have 4 dogs in total, but our pugs are camera hogs. They love getting their picture taken. It's like they are constantl posing for their picture. So if you're wondering why I've been posting so many pics of them, that's why.

Dizzy mean mugging me

Dizzy passed out after Thanksgiving Lunch/Dinner

Leela and Dizzy enjoying daddy time on the couch

Leela waiting for daddy to come sit with her

Old picture of Dizzy being a good girl, sitting with mommy

The fawn pug is Dizzy. She is the baby of the family. She was originally my brother's dog, but we got her after he was in between selling his house and moving, and we ended up keeping her permanently. As for the black pug, Leela, she is the oldest of the 4 dogs. She is about to turn 8 years old next January. I get sad just thinking about it. She's my first baby bear. Love her to death.

One of these days, I promise, I will do the Furry Friends Tag video. I just need to find the right time and a moment when the dogs are calm.

Anyway, I love sharing and talking with you all, so don't be shy! Message me, comment, follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or where ever. I'm all ears!

Thanks for reading!

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