✿Daily Thoughts | Choir, Nails and Migraines✿

Yesterday, we got up to find our dog was sick and decided to throw up under the bed. Fun way to start the day. Long story short, I got to work late.

Usually not a big deal because I can stay as late as I need, to make up hours, but that wasn't an option yesterday as I had choir practice after work. If you didn't know, I am part of my church choir and recently became one of their cantors (choir leader/soloist). We have 6 cantors, so we are on a rotating schedule, so I get to do it every 4-6 weeks. This week is my turn, so of course, I didn't want to miss practice. Practice went well and I think I'm ready!

After that, I decided to film a new nail tutorial. *If you follow me on Instagram, you've already seen the picture.* I have been avoiding nail tutorials as I have began an old habit again of chewing on my cuticles. My new job isn't stressful exactly, but it is more challenging and so I have been nervously hewing my cuticles. Any who, with the limited sun light, I can't really film anything else, so with a ton of cuticle oil, I managed to film a tutorial and hide my ugly cuticles. Hopefully the footage came out ok. I haven't seen it yet. I'll check it tonight after work and bible study.

For now, I am home. I am blogging from a dimly lit cell phone (so I apologize if there are auto correct errors and poor spelling) as I am home with a migraine. I can't sleep as my left eye feels like it's going to pop out and won't stop watering. I can't see well and my head feels like it's going to explode. I wish I could sleep it off but it's not letting me. I would love to watch TV, do chores, edit or something but bright lights make me dizzy, hence dimly lit cell phone.

Any who, hope you guys are having a great Thursday! Thanks for reading! If you ever get bored, or wanna chat, come see me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!

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