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So, I wanted to share what's been going on this past week...

Other than Thanksgiving, cooking for my husband and his mom, we had a pretty uneventful week.
However, we did go to dinner at the  Melting Pot from a Groupon we got from a friend. But we also went to a friend's wedding. It was a great time to just spend with my husband.

I have been so busy juggling my new work schedule, choir, house hunting, and young adult ministry that I've been too busy for my husband (not just YouTube). So it was really awesome to get to spend some quality time with him!

Hopefully, I will figure things out and get to spend more time with him and do more for you guys!
Until then, I'm slowly getting my husband used to taking more pictures (which he hates), and maybe, someday, we'll do the husband tag!!!

<3 Erica, frombrainstobeauty
Tino and I at a wedding
Tino and I at the Melting Pot

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