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DISCLAIMER: I did receive these soaps to test out for free from Influenster.com

Palmolive Fresh Infusions

This is not beauty related, but I really wanted to share these from my first Influenster box. Especially after hosting Thanksgiving here at our house. After slaving in the kitchen, seeing all of the dishes overwhelm our house made me a little frantic, but this made it seem like it was nothing.
This cut right through the grease, fat, and oil. Even the burnt edges left over on our casserole dish from our 5-cheese mac n cheese. The scents are so fragrent and delicious that they make your kitchen smell light and fresh.
I don't know about you, but the scents of food cooking is amazing at the beginning, but the following day, waking up to a turkey fiasco scented home, almost makes you wish you left the windows open over night. This definitely helped that out. All those burnt on smells of the dishes sitting over night was gone in minutes after a quick soak in this wonderful soap.
Each scent is unique and absolutely breathe-taking on its own. My personal favorite, Ginger White Tea. The other scents are much stronger, and are better and removing odors. Overall, I love them all.

Also, I shared this with a neighbor of mine, and she loved it. I gave her the Lime Basil. We both agree, it smells like a twist on a mojito.

If you want to try them our yourselves, go and check them out: http://www.colgate.com/app/Palmolive/US/EN/HomePage.cwsp
You can also find these at Wal-Mart or Target!

I would definitely repurchase these. In fact, I plan to, once these run out! They really bring a completely different dynamic to washing dishes!

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