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Hi guys,

Nothing special today, just wanted to give you a heads up on what's going on. As you may already know, my husband has been so kind and has offered to get me a lighting kit for Valentine's Day. As excited as I am about that, I know we are on a tight budget with the house breaking ground this week, meaning the 90 day countdown starts soon for our new house.

That being said, I told him, "thank you, but I think I need to reappropriate that money towards something more critical.... luggage." Lol. I have luggage, and my main large suitcase, I adore, and don't need to replace. However, I cannot say the same for my carry-on luggage. I will be travelling for a few days in February and for 3 full weeks at the beginning of March for work. To top that off, I am already booked to travel to New York City for the very first time to attend our good friends wedding up in Westchester. So I will be on travel the ENTIRE month of march. I'll be here for the 1st-2nd and the 24th-25th. A total of 4 days. I'm even missing my husband's 31st birthday (March 4th). :(

I'm pretty sad about it, but luckily, I opted to come back the 23rd versus the 24th, which is what they originally had me scheduled for, so that I could be here the 24th, for our 1 year wedding anniversary. It's unfortunate with the timing, but that is typically my luck. I started my first day of work at my new job on my birthday (Sept. 24th). I usually take that day off, but fate had me scheduled for a new job instead. ;)

Anyway, long story short, no lighting kit for now, maybe after the new house. Also, I will not be posting as much while I am on travel. I will take my iPad and maybe film some tag videos, definitely some vlogs, but I won't have my filming equipment to do tutorials or anything that requires extensive editing, high quality video, good lighting or close up shots. Luckily, my iPad has a great camera and a pretty basic version of iMovie to do simple editing, so I will try to film while I'm there, but I can't guarantee anything. At most, I can vlog.
Maybe I'll even do a "What's in my travel bag" video. lol.

Thanks for reading! If you guys have any travel tips for long trips, please let me know. The longest I've travelled was 10 days. I have no idea how to pack for 3 weeks. I'm a big nervous about it too. Also, since not many people read my blog, I may do a quick video announcement when it gets closer to my travel dates!

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