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Hi guys,

Doing another review, and I hate to say that this is not a positive one. I was actually not a fan of this brush. :(

First and foremost, I do not like to brush my hair while it is still wet. I either use my fingers or a wide tooth comb to get the tangles out before I blow dry. You should never brush or pull on your hair when it is wet, because your hair is more ellastic and you can actually stretch our your hair follic and make it weak. That, in turn, made me hesitant to use it in the first place.

However, I went ahead and tried it out anyway, and to my dismay, it didn't do anything except cause static. It did not help dry, but almost made my hair staticy once it was dry.

The brush is designed to have absorbant microfiber in between the bristles to help absorb water as you brush. As you brush the microfiber bristles will actually smash down. This is an eassy fix, as you just tap the brush on the counter, and they will pop back up into place. I've included a before and after, but as you can see, some bristles didn't even touch my hair, so they are still sticking up.
I was pretty sad about it, because I love all of the other Goody products. I have a lot of their clips, hair ties, and even their regular paddle brush. Goody is a really great, affordable, drug store brand, and I highly recommend their other products, but I definitely don't like this one.

If you're interested in checking out this brush yourself and form your own opinion, make sure to check out the Goody Product Page (http://bit.ly/Sis8Oi).

Also, if you're interested in checking out their other hair care products, check out their homepage, Goody website (http://bit.ly/REp8ue).

*Disclaimer: I did receive this for free from Influesnter.com. However, my review and opinions are my own and am I in NO WAY being paid to promote or give positive review to any products I have received.

Microfibers Extended
Microfibers Down After Brushing

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