♥ipsy & Zoya | January 2013 Unboxing & Mini Zoya Haul♥

Got my ipsy bag a day late! This is a first! I usually get it a day early and I was super sad to get it 2 days late, but I got it, which is really all that matters. lol. Also, I got my 3-for-free Zoya polishes today, so I thought I'd throw that in. Whoo hoo!

My referral link: http://www.ipsy.com/?refer=u-h140bg0yg5dy4ey

Also, go and check out PetitChocolat89!!! She's super new but really sweet and has some good videos! https://www.youtube.com/user/PetitChocolat89

January 2013 ipsy Unboxing & Zoya Mini Haul

What's In My Bag

Zoya Nail Polishes

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