♥Influenster | Holiday Vox Box Unboxing♥

Super exciting to see that as an early Christmas gift, I got my Holiday Vox Box. I was so excited, I filmed as soon as I realized it was here... Even if it was at 1:30m in the morning.

I had no idea what to expect but was excited to see a mix of food and beauty! I have yet to try the oatmeal and energy powder, but I got to try the beauty items.


What's in the Box

So far, I have tried the lipgloss and the hair brush. I didn't notice much of a difference with the brush, but I really love the lipgloss. It's not sticky or tacky. It is on the sheer side, but it is a really nice nude and goes well over any color.
I will be trying out the Kiss nail dress this next weekend and trying the energy drink and oatmeal soon. I love Quaker oats anyway, so I imagine it's awesome!
As I try each product, I will make sure to write reviews on Influsenster.com, so make sure to go sign up, and check out their site. This box is 100% free. We get these for being reviewers and influencers in our beauty community. I love this program, and you will too!
Thanks for reading!

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