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Kiss Nail Dress Review

 I received the KDS05 - Princess

First of all, this will be more of a comparison to Sally Hansen Salon Effects than just a basic review.

The Nail Dress comes with 28 stickers (14 sizes) and a nail file. The instructions are pretty simple and on the back of the box (no pamplet). Sally Hansen comes with a buffer and nail combo, additional instruction pamphlet and 16 stickers.

Kiss Nail Dress comes with more stickers than the Sally Hansen, but the buffer really helps with the Sally Hansen. One complaint I've heard about the Kiss nails is that they don't last and they chip. I feel like the buffer helps with that. If you start with a freshly buffed, smooth nail bed, the stickers adhere much better. Also, the instructions with the Sally Hansen nails provide tips that help ensure longevity of the nail sticker.

Overall, I like the Sally Hanson nails better for long wearing, and they have 40 different patterns. The Kiss Nails only have 21 styles, but they also have jeweled patterns, which is definitely unique. The Kiss Nails are definitely great for events and for fun short term activities, but they don't last as long.

One tip, use a top coat and apply every other day to help with longevity. It's not a guarantee, but it helps.

If you want to read more reviews on this from others, make sure to check ou their review page: http://bit.ly/11cEdY7

Also, if you want to try these stickers for yourself or see that patterns they offer, check out their website: http://bit.ly/SipR5S

*Disclaimer: I did receive this for free from Influesnter.com. However, my review and opinions are my own and am I in NO WAY being paid to promote or give positive review to any products I have received.

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