♥Milani Review | Color Statement Lipstick/Liner & Ultrafine Liquid Eyeliner♥

Last week, while I was on travel, a super crazy awesome surprise of goodies came in from Milani! I was just recently added to their mailing list, so rather than get these items a few at a time, I got them all in one big bundle!

I will warn you, this is a long video! We've got 14 lipsticks, 4 lip liners, a pencil sharpener and 5 eye liners to cover.

Overall, I love all of it! The lipstick colors are not my typical choice (I'm a nude girl), but the texture, finish, scent, the longevity and the pigmentation are amazing!!! I'm addicted to the colored eye liners!

Disclaimer: this was given to me for free for review from Milani. All opinions, comments, and impressions are my own. I am not getting paid to review these products nor am I being asked to speak anything but my honest opinion.

Milani Review | Color Statement Lipstick/Liner & Ultrafine Liquid Eyeliner 


Milani Color Statement Lipsticks (white numbers)

Milani Color Statement Lip Liner (yellow numbers)

I messed up the numbers in the pics, the correct numbers are in parentheses

Milani Ultrafine Liquid Eye Liner (green numbers)

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