♥Q&A | How We Met, Hair Cuts, Intimacy, Glasses♥

I filmed this on Friday, but I didn't get the chance to do any editing, so this is going up two days late!

If you have more questions, please leave more down below and I'll address them my next Friday off! You can ask me anything... about me. I try to keep my family's life private if I can.

Q&A | How We Met, Hair Cuts, Intimacy, Glasses


  1. iris braddy - Well how did u guys meet???
  2. Michelle Ledezma - have you had any haircuts or styles you hated?
  3. gwenlovesmakeup - I actually have a question.... How often do you and your husband get intimate? Thanks for replying
  4. arianny27 - Hey Gorgeous!!! I which is the brand of your glasses? They are very pretty. :)

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