♥Daily Thoughts | Fundraiser Day - St. Baldrick's♥

As you guys know, my company is supporting the St. Baldrick's Foundation and today is hotdog day.

My company is selling 2 hotdogs, chips and a drink for a $5 donation towards the charity. I am not having any hotdogs, but I did want to share the super cute chocolate balls, my friend/coworker, Tokie, made!

Check it out! How cute are those? Chocolate Cake "Baldies" covered in white chocolate.

Also, if you're unfamiliar with St. Bladrick's, check out my other blog post.

Don't forget to DONATE to support Sean and Bethany!! $5 goes a long way! **and it is tax deductible**

Again, if we raise $5000, Bethany will also shave her head in support of St. Baldricks.

Meet Bethany!!

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