♥Q&A | Brushes, My Career and My Relationship♥

Today's Q&A was interesting as it had more about my career and my relationship with my hubby and I gotta be honest, I really like these topics. It completely takes me out of the beauty world and just lets me talk about life outside of YouTube.

Make sure to ask more questions for my next Friday off!!!


  1. Jamie Camara - You may have already answered this but as a new subject, I am not sure, my question is: can you recommend a makeup brush set that includes all brushes needed for someone just getting into makeup that is not too expensive? Thanks. I really enjoy your videos :)
  2. Smooth77criminal - can you return unopened makeup to Target
  3. Amber Nguyen - hi I love your makeup do you have a tutorial on it
  4. Megoj2287 - question:: what does your hubby think of your YouTube channel?
  5. Brandilovesbeauty - ok so like... What kind of engineering do you do? How's you get into it? Not many women are engineers. You must be super smart. I wish I could be an engineer, I'd be banking as a lawy
  6. Lexilove518 - I have a question! Lol. In my relationship I am more of the fiery and hot headed person (it may not seem like it on YT) and my husband is definitely more of the calm one, the "equalizer" of the relationship and he really helps to balance me out! Since you said you and your husband are very similar and have lots in common, how do you balance each other out? Is it very easy to agree and settle things between the two of you? How do you resolve issues, if there are any? Btw, luv this Q&A xoxo

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