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I posted a pic not too long ago on my Instagram of a collective haul and thought that since I'm still sick and not able to film, I'd do a blog post on it so you can see what I got.

The stuff from Walgreens was actally pre-New York. I needed some stuff for my trip. My shampoo/conditioner was making my hair greasy so I wanted to try something better, and I'm almost out of Revlon Nearly Naked, so I opted for a more matte foundation with the humidity kicking in.

Walgreens Haul

As for Sally Beauty, I am planning on doing a tutorial next week, and I really wanted to spice it up with some lashes. Lol. I haven't used lashes on YouTube... ever, so this will be interesting as I've only used them 3 times ever. The brush cleaner and plastic container is for my nail stuff. I have some incredibly dirty nail brushes, and acetone isn't cutting it, so I went for the legit stuff, and man does it work. ;)

Sally Beauty Supply Haul

Thanks for reading!!!

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