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UPDATE!!! I looked up my original HauteLook order... I actually started my first bottle in February 2012, so my lashes were already grown out by the time I started this channel (June 2012). However, in my earlier videos (non-tutorials), I didn't wear mascara, as I was still letting them grow and get stronger, post-RapidLash. Also, I have still been lazy and bad and have been using it in the mornings. Lol. But I will try and give you guys an update when this bottle goes empty.

I know the video is quite long, and I go into a lot of a detail, so I thought I would provide you the highlights on my blog.

I did purchase RapidLash with my own money. I am not sponsored. I purchased this, half off, from HauteLook. Referral Link: http://www.hautelook.com/short/3EKgU

RapidLash Serum Reivew | It Really Works

Lash History

Before RapidLash... short, thin, brittle, whispy, straight. They would break and fall off very easily when used with a lash curler. Too short to fit into a lash curler.

After RapidLash... strong, thick lashes, longer length. Can be curled, tugged, twisted and pulled; remains very strong.

Stopped RapidLash, out of pure laziness, and no change to my lashes since I stopped. They remained as strong and as long as the day I stopped using it.

My Experience with RapidLash

First and foremost, I didn't use it properly. I used it in the morning, after washing my face, underneath my makeup. Second, I did not use it every day, again, due to laziness.

2 weeks: I noticed a significant difference in lash thickness. The base became very thick within the first week, and then thickness then contined throughout the shaft by week 2.

4 weeks: I now started noticing some lashes were growing out faster than others, but much more than before.

6 weeks: All of my lashes were now gaining length.

8 weeks: All lashes were still growing; ran out of product

I repurchased a 2nd one, also from Hautelook, used it about 2 applications, then forgot about it and hadn't used it for months until recently.

Side effects: none. I never had any side effects or issues. I did not get discoloration, watery eyes, redness. Nothing.

How to Apply

RapidLash should be applied every night, before bed, on clean eye lids. The product can also be used on your eyebrows. Do not use this on your lower lash line.

You may apply your night and eye creams, but give the product at least 5 minutes to settle into the lash root before applying any other products

Where to Buy

You can buy this on their website ($49.99), or your local drugstore, but I personally purchase mine through HauteLook ($25). HauteLook features RapidLash about once a quarter, so make sure to sign up and keep an eye out.

Here is my HauteLook referral link: http://www.hautelook.com/short/3EKgU

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