★Influenster Unboxing & Review | Veet Easy Wax★

As many of you know, I am a part of Influenster. If you do not know what Influenster is, but you are on social media, a blogger or YouTuber, you NEED to check it out! I did get this product from Influenster for free for review. I do not get paid for the review.

Above is my unboxing of the Veet Easy Wax Electrical Roll-On Kit

Veet Easy Wax Review

Heating Unit

I really like the fact that this unit plugs into the wall. I've tried microwaveable waxes and they are a hit and miss. If you don't heat it just right, it's too cold, and if you heat it too much, you can burn the heck out of yourself. This is nice as the heating unit NEVER gets too hot. However, it took forever to heat up. Although it "warmed" quickly (wax felt warm to the touch), it took almost half an hour to get it to that creamy texture that you would find in a salon. Using "warm" wax usually proves ineffective, so I left it on even longer to allow it to get smooth and tacky, which yielded much better results. Also, you almost have to keep it plugged in at all times. Unplug it when you apply, and make sure to plug it in again before you do your next section as the unit cools really quickly, even though the instructions say it'll last 30 minutes, I did not feel that was the case. After two swipes, it was already cooling too much and not working as well. 


First of all, it takes me forever to grow out hair. I am not a very "hairy" person so it took a few weeks to get my hair a quarter of an inch. Typically, your local salon will require a minimum quarter inch in length for the wax to effectively grasp the hair follicle. Also, I have very thin hair. That being said, even after growing out my hair, it did not seem to be thick or long enough for the wax.
Although I managed to get the wax at the right consistency, and did what I could to get my hair long enough, it still did not pick up all of the hairs. I had to go back or even pluck a few. In many cases, it would break the follicle and not pull them out completely. For the thicker hairs, it worked great, but for the more wispy hairs, like around my knees and thighs where they never seem to get thick, the wax had a hard time.
The positive... never did I feel I was "ripping" my skin off. Sometimes waxing can be painful and cause irritation to the skin, but I never felt that with this wax. This was probably because it never got "hot", but at the same time, that is probably the reason why I could not get all of the hairs. 


Right now, it is on sale for $29.99 at Walgreens, but it is also available for $22.99 at Target. For me, it's not worth the price. I was able to wax both legs, but seemed to run out of wax pretty quickly after that. If it had removed ALL of the hair, I could see it being beneficial, but since I had to go back and pluck or even shave, it wasn't worth the price.

Overall Impression 

For me, I will not purchase this product. It did not work for my hair type, nor did I get the results I was hoping for. For someone else with different hair and more patience, this is a great DIY wax kit. 

Positives: It will never burn you. It heats up via a plug giving you more controlled heat versus microwaving. The after-treatment wipes were amazing! They removed the extra wax very easily and was very cooling after all of that stress to the skin. 

Negative: It took a while to heat up. It did not remove all of the hairs. There was only enough wax for my legs. More money than I'm willing to pay for a wax treatment that wasn't 100% successful.

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