♥My DIY Haircut - NOT a Tutorial♥

This is NOT a tutorial. I do not plan to do one either. The reason is that it takes me a good hour and a half to cut my own hair and I don't know if I could truly articulate what it is that I do, nor do I encourage anyone to cut their hair the way that I do. 

However, I have gotten a lot of comments and questions as to how I do it. So, instead, I want to share the videos that I watched that helped me figure it out. The way I cut my hair is a hodge podge of what I've seen hair stylists do on when I ask for layers, as well as 2 videos I've found on YouTube.



Also, I cut off 5 inches off from the longest strand to the new longest strand. The layers vary EVERY time I trim my hair, so it's hard to say how much I chopped off the shortest layer.

If you are curious, I've embedded the videos below! Hope this helps!!!

If you want to see more tutorials, hauls, reviews, have any suggestions or recommendations, please send me a message, send me a tweet, post on my Facebook or comment below! 

Thanks for reading/watching!

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