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FYI... the Colorado Snowboarding 2010 is my favorite video (2nd one down)

I am so proud! My brother just competed in the Air Downhill at the Colorado Freeride Festival. Of course I was not there, but he posted a new video on his channel. It does not have music or anything, but it is still really awesome.

He competed in the Masters 30+ and placed 9th. Pretty amazing considering he never trained for it or planned for it. He literally registered the day before the event. Haha. Coolest part, if he were younger, his time would've actually qualified him 6th for the 19-29 division.

The first video shown is his Air Downhill!

Air Downhill Ride

If you want to see more edited outdoor videos, check out some of the others below. If you enjoy watching these types of videos, make sure to check out his channel! He doesn't have a "username" set up yet, so the channel link is pretty generic. Hopefully, he'll get a real channel name soon. ;)

Right now, he is under Ronald Cura

Snowboarding Colorado 2010

Ute Valley Bouldering - The Cube

Colorado Mountain Biking 2012

Thanks for reading/watching!

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