★Easy DIY Suede Bracelet - Back to School Tutorial | FromBrainsToBeauty★

First of all, I want to mention that the tools and items I used can be swapped out.

Also, you do NOT need jewelry pliers. In fact, the other two bracelets were made in advance, off camera, using an old pair of rusty pliers from my husband and regular tweezers.

I purchased jewelry pliers for filming, as I thought rusty pliers were not appealing and might even disgust. lol.

Also, the material purchased is enough to make 4 bracelets, with the exception of the charms (as I only bought 3).

One last tip, use the Retail Me Not app if you don't already have it. I got everything for $11 with a 40% off one item coupon. I literally pulled up the coupon from the app while standing in line. Super quick!!!

Products Used in this Tutorial

3/32" Sky, Lilac, & Pink Sof-Suede Lace Value Pack (3 pack) - $5.99
Rhodium Friends Affirmation Ring Charm (1 piece) - $1.99
Silver Plated Ribbon Ends (4 sets) - $1.47
10mm Nickel Figure-8 Connector (60 piece) - $1.99
Nickel Plated Lobster Clasps (4 piece) - $1.99
Needle Nose Pliers
Bent Nose Pliers (optional)
Bead Treassures Arrow Charm - $1.99 (pictured in tutorial; also from Hobby Lobby)

If you want to see more tutorials, hauls, reviews, have any suggestions or recommendations, please send me a message, send me a tweet, post on my Facebook or comment below! 

Thanks for reading/watching!

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