December Julep Tape & Polka Dots Manicure

Originally, when I did this mani, I was just swatching the glitter polish, Joelle. It was a bit sheer on it's own, even with two coats. I realized I should have put a base color underneath. Lesson Learned. 

However, I wanted to use Misti as well since it was part of Julep Maven December. I kept seeing these easy taped manis. Little did I know... it's hard to tape over glitter and keep a straight line without bleeding. Needless to say, I did the taped mani, with black as well (Sinful Colors Black on Black), and it turned out beautiful, but I did have to do a lot of cleaning up, as the lines were NOT straight.

Once I did the taped mani, I had to add polka dots for New Years. So it had evolved even more ;)

Polishes Used

♥ Julep, Misti: Smoky blue-grey creme
♥ Julep, Joelle: Full-coverage smoky holographic glitter
♥ Sinful Colors, Black on Black

Of course, the Julep polishes were from Julep Maven. It is a monthly subscription of $19.99. You are given a Maven profile, and you have a 4-day window to accept your profile, choose another or skip. If you don't 
do anything, you'll automatically get sent your pre-selected profile.

Julep Maven Referral link:

My profile is It Girl, but I had selected Boho Glam. Love the polishes!!!

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