First Impression: Memebox Natural Cocoon Peeling Silk Balls | FromBrainsToBeauty

Time to rub worm cocoons on my face!! lol. J/K. Not really.

In all seriousness, these are actual silkworm cocoons that have been cleaned out and used as a Korean beauty secret to obtain baby soft skin. Up front... this was sent to me. Prior to using these, I probably would not have bought these on my own accord. Now that I have, I would. :)

3-Pack from Memebox:


♥ natural
♥ no chemicals
♥ moisturizing
♥ does a great job at exfoliating
♥ resealable package


♥ if you use 4 cocoons at a time, you only get 5 uses
♥ some cocoons are smaller than other; you can cut the smaller ones open to create a larger hole, but the large ones will slip off
♥ a bit messy, get a lot of water all over the place; can be avoided if you use in the shower.
♥ they are from worms. lol. (not really a con, but it's funny to me)

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