Review & Demo: Dazzlepro 7-Day Smilepacks are not Crest Strips! | FromBrainsToBeauty

Follow Dazzlepro (@dazzlepro) on Instragram for a chance to win a special prize!!!! I am bringing you a quick comparison and demo of the Dazzlepro versus Crest 3D Whitestrips. I have been using both for a few months now and they have both been incredibly successful, but they do cause sensitivities.

This video is a review, demo and comparison of the Dazzlepro 7 Day Smilepacks and the Crest 3D Whitestrips.

★ DazzlePro 7-Day SmilePack for $39:
Coupon Code: CrestSmileDazzle654 (originally $130)

★ DazzlePro Platinum Advanced GT Sonic Toothbrush for $99:
Coupon Code: Brains2Beauty814 (originally $249)

★ DazzlePro SmilePack [Single Use] for $19.99:
Coupon Code: Brains2Beauty815C (originally $40)

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