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Time for another Influenster unboxing, and this is my FAVORITE vox box of all time!!!!

It is the VS Sport Vox Box. Influenster and Victoria's Secret have been so kind as to give us a sports bra and capris for review. I was beyond ecstatic when I found out I qualified for the box, but more importantly, I was shocked to see what they sent. We had no idea what was coming in the box. All we knew was that we had to provide sizes and measurements, and man, they HOOKED IT UP!!!.

First of all, if you don't know anything about Influenster, it is a site that provides products for free to review and promote. It is free to sign up and available for social influencers (i.e. YouTube, Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc).

PLEASE BE NICE!! I am far from in-shape and I am taking a huge leap of faith by posting the following pictures...

Products in the Box

Incredible by Victoria's Secret Sports Bra

I am beyond in love with this sports bra!!! First of all, it is the first underwire AND first padded sports bra I've ever own. I've never thought to buy one with an underwire, and since I wear a 34D, I never thought to buy a padded sports bra. I always go for high-impact, mostly because I want the flexibility to be able to run and jump without hesitation, and it's better for the "girls". This sports bra not only is amazing for high-impact, but I get so much more support with the underwire. Also, it has an adjustable clasp in the back to provide even more support. I am incredibly impressed by the Incredible. I plan to buy more. 

I highly recommend this for people who need high-impact plus support!

Knockout by Victoria's Secret Capri ♥

I cannot tell you how much I love VS leggings, capris, yoga pants, etc. I already own a ton and I am so glad to get another. I will say, of all the yoga pants I own from VS, these are the best. None of the yoga pants I own are of the VS Sport line. They are all part of their regular clothing line and although amazing, they do not have the same support as the VS Sport leggings/capris/workout pants. This provides so much more shaping, support and compression, which is very important when working out. I am convinced!!! VS Sport leggings are by far way better for performance than your typical "yoga" pant.

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I want more!


I am beyond impressed with the new VS Sport line. I have been a huge fan of VS for a LONG time, but they just keep kicking it up a notch and I cannot get over how awesome these products are. Yes, I did get them for free, but I WILL buy more with my own money. They are that good. It is rare for me to actually buy a product from any of these vox boxes or even from samples I get in other subscription services. However, these are definitely repurchase worthy products!!!


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Thanks for reading/watching!

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