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I have been watching so many outift videos and I see all of these videos of people who have the benefit of having someone film them and I realize, I don't have that luxury. So... for the longest time, I avoided outfit videos bc I can't do cool editing. However, I recently saw some of my fave YouTubers do it with a camera on a tripod, and it looks perfectly fine, so I decided to give it a shot. I filmed in my hallway with a few lights. Hope it turned out ok! Let me know what you thought and if you liked it.

Interested in JustFab?! Check them out: http://vnlink.co/SM43EtM

Products Mentioned
♥ Carla || Taupe Cardigan in Medium
♥ Concetta || Black 4" Heel in Size 6
♥ JF Kat || Black Flat in Size 6.6
♥ Aymaly || Gray Knee High Boot in Size 6.5
♥ Express Skinny Jeans


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