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Thank you thank you thank for getting me to 10k subscribers!!!! I am so beyond excited to share this with you all! I feel so blessed and fortunate to know that at some point during my time on YouTube, you've chosen to want to watch me by hitting that "subscribe" button. Thank you!

Many of the prizes I ordered and have not arrived yet... so I won't list them until the video is ready (or almost ready). ALL of the prizes, I purchased with my own money... and no, I don't make very much on YouTube. This is coming out of my engineering income ;)


10 prizes, 10 winners

Giveaway #1 (Birchbox):
Giveaway #2 (ipsy):
Giveaway #3 (BOXYCHARM):
Giveaway #4 (Naked Basics):
Giveaway #5 (Beauty Blender):
Giveaway #6 (Julep Maven):
Giveaway #7 (Smashbox On The Rocks):
Giveaway #8 (Stila In The Light):
Giveaway #9 (Smashbox On The Rocks):
Giveaway #10 (Smashbox On The Rocks):

★ GIVEAWAY RULES (for all giveaways) ★

1. must be subscribed to my channel
2. must comment on the video based on what was mentioned in that particular giveaway
3. follow me on my social media (leave your username and what accounts you follow)
-- blog
-- twitter
-- instagram
-- facebook

Each giveaway will go for two weeks from the day is starts until 11:59pm ET two weeks after. Winners will be announced on my social media. Instructions to claim each prize will be in the winner announcement.


If you want to see more tutorials, hauls, reviews, have any suggestions or recommendations, please send me a message, send me a tweet, post on my Facebook or comment below!

Thanks for reading/watching!

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